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With more than 10 years of experience in the retail, commerce and catering industry, Thibaut specializes in supporting investors and entrepreneurs in the creation of brands and alternative living spaces as close as possible to the needs and of customer experience.

He is recognized for his capacity for creative identification and appropriation of trends as well as his operational know-how supported by a conceptual vision of commerce and tourism. 

Thibaut notably supported the development and operational marketing of the Celio brand internationally before setting up his boutique restaurant Café Brindille, and developing as a senior strategy consultant. 

An entrepreneur and trader at heart, Thibaut cut his teeth in a hypercompetitive ready-to-wear market where the weight of a brand is synonymous with desirability and profitability. Driven by the need to be in action, he was able to successfully set up his own F&B project around a lifestyle universe in order to make it an easily Instagrammable brand. Its boutique restaurant has established itself as a highly attractive place to live in the highly sought-after and competitive market of the Côte d'Azur in Nice. 

It is all the marketing tools in his DNA and without borders with a vision of the market as a whole that have led Thibaut to refocus his skills on supporting managers for projects with strong values and a sustainable environment.mulant.




• Positioning and repositioning of alternative living spaces from design to operational execution;

• Accompaniement of Franchises and brands in international development 

• Strategic, digital and operational marketing;

• Brand creation, from ideation to customer experience

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