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 TROUVERLECAP.COM is a collective of marketing consultants specializing in project support and development brand positioning and activation.

We are here to ensure you are your customers' first choice.

VHere is our proposal:

You invest a minimum of 7% of your turnover in marketing budget with us.

You canSO boost your performance by up to 30%. Clear, crisp and precise.

We are the solution foroutsource your expensive skills

Andoptimize your operating costs.

But above all, we are the vector of yourBusiness Development and yourprofitability !

What does our support consist of?

Analysis ofKPI’s starting point, understanding youreconomic model and yourwalk, re-development of yourbrand platform 360° andactivation operational of thestrategy marketing.

Our goal is to make your brand a spontaneous choice, in a natural and effective way.


Our approach is based onlistenand theadaptation.

We campaign so thateach brand eitherunique, and we adapt to yourspecific needs.

No universal strategy,as personalized solutions.


We buildlong term relationships with you,

based on thetrust, thereco-construction and thetransparency

If you are looking for a team that is truly committed to improving your brand power

and loyalty, we are here for you.


Let’s discuss the project. Together, let's transform your budget into an intangible asset. Heading towards the brand!


Exploring new horizons with our Brand Equity experts



Expert in 

creation of

brand value

client experience

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Stéphane-Jean Lacroix and Thibaut Patelli marketing experts


Founding President


Expert in

strategy &


complex assets

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Thanks to a method that unlocks the untapped potential of your project!

To support its customers, the collective offers to provide expertise and a methodology to create emotions and attachment among customer targets.

We place at the heart of any reflection on products, services, destinations or places of life... respect for values, nature, culture and its inhabitants.We make a point of using authentic storytelling, respecting local identity and culture, vernacular heritage, the wealth and diversity of territories, their inhabitants and their entire ecosystem to create a true experience. . Our purpose is focused on the emergence of “love brand”. 

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Supporting decision-makers to find the direction of Performance

of their business by creating brand value

and Customer Preference thanks to the Science of Marketing.


A mastered methodology and experience from A to Z in the repositioning of marketing strategy and the art of Design Thinking (4 steps):

  • Analyze the market and its development opportunities through an audit of the company and its commercial challenges(anticipate and exploit strategic mercantile opportunities)

  • Define the objectives to be achieved by formulating an assessment of the company's promise and its positioning on the market(co-writing of the positioning and brand platform)

  • Develop a marketing strategy focused on the brand ecosystem for better immediate performance (Engage a new commercial dynamic with an ecosystem of talents)

  • Evaluate an operational action plan through marketing activations that will enhance the attractiveness of the offer(Establish a retro-plan and budget a short-term and medium-term action plan)


We implement the new chapter of your business

towards success in configuring your brand equity settings.


We outsource your marketing missions and increase the skills of your operational teams through collaboration with business experts. 


We boost your attractiveness from the strategic vision and its economic model to its operational success and its human resources by capitalizing on unique and authentic differentiating advantages.

We transform your offer into a memorable experience.

To the point of providing emotions and recommending your brand.

A brand we love, this is our direction!

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